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Facebook Marketing Services
The Marketing Team at EMS has proven results in social media with developing and maintaining successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns for our clients. The principles of marketing have always stayed consistent, the thing that changes is the medium. In today’s marketplace the Internet and in particularly¬†Facebook play a huge role in influencing consumers and more importantly it’s a change in where people are getting their information from. Mobile phones and tablets are becoming more dominant and changing how people are interacting online.

With so many people utilizing Facebook and Google having effective marketing campaigns that deliver results is integral to ensuring your business doesn’t get left behind in a rapidly evolving online marketplace.¬† We work with our clients to learn what their goals with online marketing are. Our Facebook Marketing Campaigns are designed to be focused on different goals such as Increasing Your Facebook Fans, Creating Brand Awareness or Promoting A Special Event or Offer.

Depending on your companies budget and goals we can successfully provide a ROI through Facebook Marketing Campaigns. We also work with our clients to help educate them on better practices to increase the Facebook Fan Pages engagement with your customers. Our goal is to help our clients execute their online marketing efficiently with our experience and knowledge of social media. We will customize your campaigns to target specific demographics, regions, age groups and create an efficient campaign that will give you targeted results based on your business.


- Facebook PPC Management
- Facebook Account Setup/Revamp Package
- Facebook Banners
- Facebook Account Management

Facebook Marketing Services


1 – Increase Visibility – With so many eyeballs glued to Facebook it is important to not only have a Fan Page, but you need to invest in marketing it also. If you don’t increase the exposure of your company through social media you are missing out on an tremendous opportunity to utilize the “Social” or “Word of Mouth” value that Facebook offers. It’s a community and people comment, like and share their opinions and ultimately are influencing others through their engagement with brands.

2 -Target Your Customers – Facebook Marketing allows you to establish campaigns designed to target specific interests and truly control who and where your advertising is being seen. Instead of just broadcasting a message across the internet to anyone who visits a website, you can target concise interests to make sure you are getting richer results from your marketing efforts.

3 -SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – It’s amazing how much content through social media is discovered through search engines and often influence the search engine results. You can find results from twitter and more often then not when you search for businesses you find their LinkedIn Page, Twitter Account and Facebook Fan Page.

4 – Engage With Customers – Facebook allows you to engage with your customers allowing your business to stay top of mind. A ripple effect also takes place with something we like to call “virality”. This is the engagement of the users friends/peers seeing the activity of a user. ie. “Johnny likes Elite Marketing Solutions” or “Johnny Commented on Elite Marketing Solutions”. Whenever people see Johnny’s activities it creates a viral effect and this is social influence. If you aren’t utilizing Facebook to engage with customers and amplifying the results through Facebook Marketing Campaigns then you are probably not getting the results you want.

5 – Build Relationships - You don’t always get to see your customers face to face and on a daily or weekly basis. Social Media allows you the opportunity to connect with your customers and build relationships with them. If you don’t have a quality online presence the clients may feel your business is out of touch and might not be the right fit for them. I often find myself checking out peoples Facebook Fan Page and Twitter accounts to see how ‘credible’ the company is. How often do they post? You have a real opportunity to gain new clients, strengthen existing clients and grow your business through the power of social media.