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Secrets To Become Successful In Social Media

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Social Media can be a very powerful tool for small businesses, but often I find business owners are too busy or just not educated on how to get the most out of the time they put into social media. Facebook is the juggernaut in social media and the one this e-book will focus on. Download a copy of my Facebook E-Book – Secret to become successful in social media and learn some of the tips I recommend to my clients about how to be more efficient and get the most out of their social media, including when to post and how to do it properly!

The Facebook E-Book is free and will talk about the top tips to be successful on facebook and get your fans to engage with your brand. The biggest thing with social media is that some business owners rarely use it and often know there is value in it, but just aren’t trained to get the same response on social media sites as others. It’s like telling someone you just throw your arms around and that’s how you swim. If you take that advice, you will likely end up below water. Utilize the expert advice and Secrets to Facebook with our e-book that is 100% free! We just ask that you “LIKE” us on Facebook to take advantage of the Secrets to Facebook E-book.

How does Google Adwords Benefit Small Businesses?

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Whenever I approach someone about managing their marketing, most people put up a guard because it’s a sensitive subject. Entrepreneurs try to be jack of all trades and do everything. One of the hardest lessons for small businesses to grasps is that they need to take a specialized approach and contract any services that can benefit their business. Now that doesn’t mean go crazy and start outsourcing everything, as you need to be cautious of what you are doing with your business and who’s hands it’s in. Service businesses are a great example, let’s use one of our clients who runs a hair salon. Sure people can cut their own hair and some do, I’m one of them. But other people seek a hair salon aka a professional. Just like I utilize a professional book keeper and accountant to take care of my taxes and more articulate things that are important to the business.

If you aren’t marketing savvy or up-to-date with technology it isn’t the end of the world. A lot of people are aware that they need to be on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook but tend to just have a basic presence online such as a poorly managed twitter account and fan page. With 1 in 2 Canadians having a Facebook account and logging in daily it’s surprising that some businesses don’t hire someone to manage their accounts to generate brand awareness, manage customer feedback, create new leads and as a FREE marketing resource. With the right management and a little bit of investment into ad campaigns you can start to establish a more concrete online presence.

Customers utilize Google to search about businesses and the results they find is the research they’re doing to evaluate your business, if you’re lucky enough for them to find you. Once they do if they see you have bad reviews, unanswered posts, and a lack of customer engagement they are going to take that into account before making a purchase. If you’re not on top of it your business leaves room for someone else to take your market share. One day you will wake up and not know why, but your business will be struggling and you won’t know how to save it.

Every day people are searching on the internet for keywords and trying to discover an answer. That answer sometimes is your business and you need to be in control of how your company is seen or isn’t online. Google Adwords is a must for any business and a website. If you don’t have a website, please stop reading and go to the top of the page under ‘contact us’ and we will fix that immediately before we go any further. If you have no website… your online presence as a business is in a bad place.

Using the hair salon as another example, we allocate about $10 a day towards a dedicated campaign targeting regionally individuals looking for hair cuts, hair salons and a variety of other terms. The budget we have allocated for this client doesn’t get spent everyday. Last month the cost of their campaign was $130. We drove over 181 people to their local hair salon for under $5 a day to the website. An average hair cut at the salon is around $60. Over the 30 days it is safe to say that at least two people who were locally searching for keywords related to the hair salon called and made an appointment. If you’re business has been hesitant to allocate a budget to search advertising, feel free to inquire and we can do some keyword research to determine what type of budget and traffic we can start to drive to your website. Having a quality website to educate and convert your clients is important also. But if you don’t even have a fishing line in the water your losing out on a ton of business. Overtime that will allow another business to take advantage and grow their business thanks to your business being blind to search advertising.

Personally I have built a successful business off of my own marketing tactics,  education and most importantly experience. I practice what I preach and have continued to back up what I talk about by delivering. My job as a marketing consultant is to educate my clients so they can better understand what needs to be done to capitalize on the “online world” of business. I work within my clients budget and I provide the recommendations and manage their Social Media and Google Adwords campaigns so my clients can spend time focusing on running their business.

Business owners can’t afford to not be discovered through Google Adwords can help your business in a significant way. Elite Marketing Solutions clients can take advantage of $100 in Free Google Adwords when setting up a new Google Adwords Account with us. Contact us today to discuss your company’s marketing goals and give us a better understanding of what you are looking to accomplish and we will see what we can do to help!


Elite Sports Tours Launches Corporate Sports Travel Website

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Elite Sports Tours is growing and we have just launched a new Corporate Sports Travel website for them. With an increase of corporate clients requiring Elite Sports Tours services they have decided to create a new landing page that has proper SEO for Corporate Sports Travel. Allowing them to capture new clients through more efficient landing pages. We are proud to announce the new website which can be viewed online here:

Developing a blog for your business can help generate traffic!

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Often when I approach a new client it’s not because I’m looking to make a dollar, but it’s generally because I believe I can help their business out by developing an online solution. Like a personal trainer, I look at your businesses habits and create a marketing plan that can help bring your business into the light in the online world. Establishing a blog and consistently contributing to it is important way to get your business discovered not only by Google and other search engines, but customers who land on those articles on your blog are now connected to your business within a ‘six degree of separation’.

Even if that customer finds your blog through social media or search engines, it’s important to have an established brand on your blog so you are capitalizing on the traffic and exposure you are receiving. Utilize the property (blog) to maximize your exposure. Unfortunately long term business success isn’t found outside, it’s online. The world isn’t changing… it has changed. The use of technology and how humans interact and digest their information has completely switched. There is no shortage of information on the internet and if your business is lacking the online portfolio it requires then you should look at addressing it.

Developing a website is or having a Facebook Fan Page isn’t enough. You have to properly educate yourself on how to ‘MARKET’ on those platforms. At Elite Marketing Solutions we provide the tips and training and emphasize those to our clients in order to deliver results. Just like eating one good meal won’t make you skinny, only posting once in a blue moon won’t help you get much exposure either. Utilizing a marketing management company like EMS can help you focus on the day to day business.

People always ask me if it’s worth the money… I always ask them if they have a clue how many searches are made online every day and how many of those were their customers looking for them. People are doing their research at home and for me personally 1 person searching for any of the 100,000+ keywords our business manages is the difference between my customers making money or not. One customer could be looking for your service and be a $10,000 sale trying to find a business just like yours but since you don’t have an established online brand you missed out on that business. To me that isn’t an option and I have prioritized working within my clients budgets, but pushing them to jump out of their comfort zone with online marketing.

Since you can’t always visually see the returns I strongly encourage my clients to ask their customers where they heard of them. Most of them will answer Facebook, Twitter or an Internet Search. The question to those considering hiring a marketing company to develop and execute a solution for their business is “Are you 100% confident that your business is outperforming your competition in all three of those areas?” If you answered no then the reality is your competition who exists now or that new business that opens tomorrow has room to take business from you where you’re not.