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Elite Sports Tours Launches Corporate Sports Travel Website

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Elite Sports Tours is growing and we have just launched a new Corporate Sports Travel website for them. With an increase of corporate clients requiring Elite Sports Tours services they have decided to create a new landing page that has proper SEO for Corporate Sports Travel. Allowing them to capture new clients through more efficient landing pages. We are proud to announce the new website which can be viewed online here: http://corporatetravel.elitesportstours.ca

Developing a blog for your business can help generate traffic!

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Often when I approach a new client it’s not because I’m looking to make a dollar, but it’s generally because I believe I can help their business out by developing an online solution. Like a personal trainer, I look at your businesses habits and create a marketing plan that can help bring your business into the light in the online world. Establishing a blog and consistently contributing to it is important way to get your business discovered not only by Google and other search engines, but customers who land on those articles on your blog are now connected to your business within a ‘six degree of separation’.

Even if that customer finds your blog through social media or search engines, it’s important to have an established brand on your blog so you are capitalizing on the traffic and exposure you are receiving. Utilize the property (blog) to maximize your exposure. Unfortunately long term business success isn’t found outside, it’s online. The world isn’t changing… it has changed. The use of technology and how humans interact and digest their information has completely switched. There is no shortage of information on the internet and if your business is lacking the online portfolio it requires then you should look at addressing it.

Developing a website is or having a Facebook Fan Page isn’t enough. You have to properly educate yourself on how to ‘MARKET’ on those platforms. At Elite Marketing Solutions we provide the tips and training and emphasize those to our clients in order to deliver results. Just like eating one good meal won’t make you skinny, only posting once in a blue moon won’t help you get much exposure either. Utilizing a marketing management company like EMS can help you focus on the day to day business.

People always ask me if it’s worth the money… I always ask them if they have a clue how many searches are made online every day and how many of those were their customers looking for them. People are doing their research at home and for me personally 1 person searching for any of the 100,000+ keywords our business manages is the difference between my customers making money or not. One customer could be looking for your service and be a $10,000 sale trying to find a business just like yours but since you don’t have an established online brand you missed out on that business. To me that isn’t an option and I have prioritized working within my clients budgets, but pushing them to jump out of their comfort zone with online marketing.

Since you can’t always visually see the returns I strongly encourage my clients to ask their customers where they heard of them. Most of them will answer Facebook, Twitter or an Internet Search. The question to those considering hiring a marketing company to develop and execute a solution for their business is “Are you 100% confident that your business is outperforming your competition in all three of those areas?” If you answered no then the reality is your competition who exists now or that new business that opens tomorrow has room to take business from you where you’re not.